News Feb 2005

Presentation by David MacKay on Digital Fountains, Amazing codes for correcting erasures.
Still it not as efficient at the codes I am using for ECIP. But is very close to what I am doing.

David MacKay's home page Excellent

RFC3452 By Digital Fountain, M. Luby et al.

Digital Fountain Company Home Page, Digital Fountain Licenses a Library to do Erasure code File Transfer

Note: ECIP is developed for Streaming from multiple data sources, in Real Time, Without Buffering!!! It has no provisions for file transfers.

News Nov 23, 2004

[p2p-hackers] Simple reliable UDP data transfer

SlashDot, P2P Through Firewalls

Peer-to_peer across network address translators

News Oct 21, 2004

SlashDot - Replacing TCP?
"TCP, the transfer protocol that most of the Internet is using, is getting old. These guys have invented an alternative that combines UDP with rateless erasure codes, which means that packets do not have to be resent. Cool stuff! It also has applications for peer-to-peer networks (e.g. for something like BitTorrent). They are even preparing RFCs! The guy who started it, Petar Maymounkov, is of Kademlia fame.",

Another Blurb about rateless codes

long discussion on Slashdot where I go into some depth about ECIP

News Feb 16, 2004

In spite of Prior Art from myself and Luigi Rizzo, files and is awarded FEC for VOIP, Patent 6,675,340, I sincerly hope anyone getting taken to court on this contact me first.

See the this article for more information: Awarded Patent for Forward Error Correction in VoIP Transmission

Luigi Rizzo 1998: Software FEC in computer communications

1998: Building fault tolerant distributed systems using IP multicast, FEC IP Multucast